Wyroby Żelowe

Bogata oferta, atrakcyjne ceny oraz wysoka jakość.

Boka has specialised in the production of soft jellies for the last 30 years. Our products are made exclusively of natural ingredients. The unique feature of our jellies is that they are based on fruit pectin or agar from algae. This means that, unlike many other products in the market based on gelatin, Boka’s jellies are deliciously soft.

In addition to this, our jellies are suitable for vegetarians and since they are plant-derived, they do not violate religious dietary constraints related to the consumption of animal-derived products.

We take great care in ensuring that suppliers we work with satisfy the strictest European quality standards, as well as our requirements. The quality of our products has won us recognition on European markets. We have an established presence on English, Belgian, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian markets. High quality of our products enables us to continually expand our client base.